Welcome to Parkwood School International. An exclusive, co-educational residential school (from Grade 3 upwards) just a short drive from Hyderabad, providing a happy and supportive environment and a high level of care.

Founded in 2003, Parkwood provides a complete and contemporary educational experience for today's child. The school offers CBSE and University of Cambridge IGCSE in a comprehensive learning environment, with personal freedom and a wide range of non-academic activities. It combines a broad curriculum with a full program outside the classroom and the efficiency of current technology.
Parkwood has been conceived as an answer to the growing need for a world-class residential school.   Every care is taken at Parkwood to make the child feel at home.
Admissions are open for the academic year 2011-12 for Classes 3 to 9 and 11
Parkwood School International extends Financial Aid every year to children who excel in
Parkwood School International announcements ...
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